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Discover worlds away from your desk and lose yourself in LOVE.

Why do we play games? Simply put, they re-awaken our inner child! Games unleash the curiosity, creativity, inquisitiveness and competitive streaks in us all and help to feed our brains all the good stuff that makes us human! And they tap into our desire to grow out a moustache and become Poirot, of course.

Similarly, stories allow our imaginations to run wild and free. They allow us to connect and escape the world around us. Sometimes, you have to lose yourself in another world to find yourself in this one!

So, what’s that got to do with LOVE?

We have a massive selection of live-streamed and pre-recorded games and storytelling events that can help you engage online at any event. Think bespoke virtual escape rooms, hand tailored murder mysteries, interactive magical stories, fully improvised musicals and more! Our artists and writers create worlds that are fantastical, and perfectly tailored to all your virtual game playing and storytelling needs – now that sounds like true LOVE!

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Game Playing & Storytelling
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