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Meditation & Wellness

LOVE gets your heart pumping and your biorhythms jumping!

Self-care and well-being have never been more necessary or required. What used to be considered a luxury is now something we all need to get through the week. With that in mind, LOVE has a variety of virtual meditation, wellness workshops and bespoke treatments to offer, which relieve stress, boost morale and encourage mindfulness. And all from the comfort of your own home.

Need a fix of endorphins? Try a session with our virtual personal trainers.
Want to get your team energised and centered before a big deadline? Treat them to a yoga or meditation session.
Need to blow off some steam and get silly? Take a run at our slapstick workshop!

And that’s just a taster. At LOVE we have comedians, clowns, improvisers, qualified pilates and yoga gods, poets, salsa dancers, balloon artists, painters and more, ready to inspire and invigorate you – because we LOVE making people feel their best!

Get in touch about virtual meditation and wellness now and treat your employees, and yourself, to some hard-earned R&R, with LOVE.

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Meditation & Wellness
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